Hi Cameron & Team,


We have just had our first holiday in the cabin and wanted to let you all know how pleased we are with it.  Everything has come together perfectly the cabin looks great and was really comfortable for us to stay in. 


Thanks for making everything so easy, we really had no idea about building, so valued your guidance when making decisions.  The end result is a cabin that suits not only the site, but also our family requirements.  Cam and the guys have done an awesome job on the building.  Their work is faultless and we've had so many positive comments on how good the cabin looks.


We are really pleased with our decision, and are looking forward to many more weekends and holidays at the beach.


Thanks again,

Gary & Vanessa Weir

At Oceanview Cabins we do everything we can to make sure every customer is a satisfied one.




Dear Cameron


I wanted to write and thank you for the great experience I had working with you to achieve my fantastic Oceanview Cabin.  Right from the design point working with yourself and Mark, nothing was too much of an issue.  Changes were made which I feel greatly enhanced the cabin and these were done willingly and promptly.  You did the research, made recommendations based on knowledge and knowing the purpose to which the cabin was going to be used.


Of course as we have said the real buying point for me was after visiting your factory.  It became evident very quickly that there was no option other than to have a chassis properly galvanised, cladding which was extremely solid and more importantly proven, plus the advantage of being able to choose the colour I really wanted.  Other major issues such as interior fit out and kitchen and bathroom fittings were clearly of good quality and as I was looking for quality which would last as this was to be my home, all this was vital to me.  You knew your product and were confident that you would be able to build what was to possibly be the luxury end of the market and in spite of asking many questions you were always able to offer considered advice and remain very confident that this would be the best built cabin I could possibly purchase.


While it is nice to think that you are dealing with a truly truthful and competent sales person in the beginning, the real truth comes as you watch it being built and subsequently putting the unit on site.  Being in two pieces and requiring careful manoeuvring over gates, up the windy hill and onto the site – you and your team did an expert job and the completed project confuses many who look at it as they try to ascertain exactly what the unit is – is it a caravan? a cabin? – most think it is a new bach.


Not only does the cabin exceed my expectations, but the number of comments I have received such as “it has such nice clean lines”, “modern and very attractive”, “love the joinery and the way the design is balanced”, “kitchen and bathroom are much better and bigger than apartments and houses we have seen”, “nice to see a real change of design”, “it is so well built” and so it goes on.


I was surprised by the gas stove, love the water pressure and the really nice shower, and the toilet is so much better than the previous portable ones.


I can honestly say that anyone looking to build a quality cabin and even if a small unit (and who doesn’t want quality with proven materials?) then Oceanview Cabins is the way to go.


Thank you again to you and all the team who were involved.


Sue Farley


Ocean View Cabins - Sue Farley